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The real taste of Greece - cooking classes

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5-6 hrs
1/4 – 31/10
Black cat cafe
Private tour of min. 4 - max. 8 persons


Our meeting point will be at the Old Port parking area from where strolling through the narrow alleys we will reach Corfu’s open fruit & fish market. We will ,buy our fresh organic products, harvested from the corfiot fields a few hours earlier, listen to the local producers trying to sell their goods by competing of the loudest voice and feel the smell of the undoubtedly fresh fish, vegetables fruit and herbs! A real unique experience! Of course the price negotiaton (pazari) with the vendors is part of the deal-game!

Next stop is at a small shop for fresh dairy products and cheese and traditionally baked bread. Once we are ready with our supplies we will be transferred at a country home where the chef will teach us how to prepare and cook traditional greek recipes . A welcome treatment consisted of local delicacies is offered upon arrival and then you can decide if you prefer to participate "hands on" or just watching the preparation and enjoy the lunch when ready to serve. Whatever your choice is,  you will spend a few relaxing hours and treated as part of our family!

The almost forgotten technique of cooking in a wood-fired oven goes back centuries and it is worth not only to attend but mostly to taste the delicious cooked meals!

All products are local, organic and fresh, prepared and cooked as our mothers and grandmothers used to cook creating in a humble way the greatness of the Greek cuisine!

Experience the unique Greek hospitality and the family atmosphere amply and hearty provided to you!

Total duration including shopping

5-6 hours

Activity level

Εasy for both novices or experienced

Operating period

1/4 – 31/10

Operating day | Time

Thursday / 09.00 hrs

Meeting Point

“Black cat” café at the Old Port (Corfu town) or guests accommodation if transfer service is provided(UPON REQUEST).

Group Size

This is a private tour of min. 4 – max. 8 persons. More persons may be accommodated upon request.

Spoken Languages

English, Greek. For other languages please check “Terms & conditions”


Experienced escort & cook, all nessecary shopping, hands on culinary class,welcome drink, lunch, 1/4 liter of wine OR one beer per person ,water,desert.


Transportation from/to accomodation. It can be provided upon request with rates to be advised.                                      As shopping takes place in the Fruit & Fish market and in local shops, any extra supplies according to each guest needs are possible but NOT INCLUDED.


There are no special skills required. Even a novice in cooking can easily participate to our culinary classes, enjoy and learn delicious and nutritious Greek cuisine recipes. Walking shoes are recommended but not compulsory as the shopping session takes place in the city. Sandals or flip flops are ok depending on each guest.
Itineraries may be subject to minor changes depending on weather conditions.

Menu - Cooking Classes


-Greek salad with fresh vegetables,feta and olives
-Tzatziki (refreshing dip based on yoghurt,garlic and cucumber
-Pork knuckle marinated in corfiot beer,honey and mustard served on a bed of tomatoes,peppers and  local graviera cheese
-Baked apple drenched with local honey, walnuts and cinammon

MENU2 (fish)

-Green salad with noumboulo (corfiot variation of  prosciutto), Kumquat ,fig paste drenched with      balsamic vinegar & fig dressing.
-Bruschetta with  marinated white bait on dried tomato pesto sauce.
-Fish wrapped in fig leaves,herbs and olive oil grilled in the wood fire oven accompanied with beetroot and  garlic-beetroot dip.
-Kumquat cheesecake

MENU 3 (vegetarian)

-Salad with thin slices of baby courgettes marinated in lemon and orange juice topped with local graviera cheese
-Chickpeas & herbs mini pies pies.
Vegetable briam (fresh tomatoes,peppers,zuchhini,aubergines with olive oil and herbs grilled in the wood fire oven served with feta cheese.     
-Greek yoghurt   with honey and fresh fruits.

-In each class only one of the above menus will be applied usually # 1 or #2 unless there is a vegetarian group request.
In that case menu # 3 is  applied.
-Main courses are grilled in traditional wood fire oven, a method widely used decades ago but not so common now days.
-In the salads preparation we use only virgin olive oil.
-We try to support the local producers so most of the ingredients used are local organic products.
Beverages, wine or  beer  served during the classes are all corfiot products.


Customers transfer can be provided from certain areas upon arrangement.

Where the activity takes place

[{"lat":"39.62593529999999","lng":"19.9197082","title":"Black cat cafe","image":"https:\/\/\/web-assets\/uploads\/2021\/03\/black-cat-cafe-150x150.jpg","link":"https:\/\/\/places\/black-cat-cafe\/"},{"lat":"39.70490454858851","lng":"19.79300271014548","title":"Ano Korakiana","image":"https:\/\/\/web-assets\/uploads\/2021\/02\/Ano-Korakiana-corfu-outdoor-activities-15-150x150.jpg","link":"https:\/\/\/places\/ano-korakiana\/"},{"lat":"39.707482026158964","lng":"19.803017316010664","title":"Corfu Outdoor Base","image":"https:\/\/\/web-assets\/uploads\/2021\/02\/corfuoutdoor-base-02-150x150.jpg","link":"https:\/\/\/places\/corfu-outdoor-base\/"}]