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Kalos irthes file mas! Welcome our friend!

To us you are considered to be more a friend than just another guest!
This is the very spirit that all of us in Corfu Outdoor are inspired of ! As a small,family run company,we and our collaborators are locals and grew up with the values of  honesty, friendship and love for our place! All these values adorned by adventure and passion for our job is what our daily routine is consisted of and what we find pleasure in offering to you!
Most of our tours are ”terra incognita” for the vast majority of Corfu visitors and will allow you to discover several impressive off the beaten path routes. Our aim is to offer you not just a tour but with an active and entertaining experience! Stroll around a traditional village or in the fascinating fauna and flora of the Corfiot countryside ,touch,smell,taste and enjoy a stress free day in our little heaven called Corfu!

Our belief and motto Quality over Quantity can guarantee you will enjoy an unforgettable experience!

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About us

Yorgos and Andreas would like to welcome you to Corfu Outdoor , your number one source for your adventure, leisure and cultural activities in Corfu and the Greek Mainland. We're dedicated to giving you the highest quality in our alternative tourism events, with  focus in sustainability combined with local tradition and flavors, all sprinkled with a bit of history.                                     Corfu Outdoor ,is a blend of passion, experience and adventurous spirit. Our aim is to highlight and promote new remarkable ways of alternative tourism in one of Europe's nicest and safest regions.